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Coming Soon is a section for the presentation of horror, science fiction or fantasy films of different formats (feature films, short films, series, miniseries and documentaries). An event focused both on projects in the last stages of development, as well as finished films in search of support (financing, distribution, promotion, etc.). Coming Soon is a selection of the upcoming Catalan, Spanish and Latin American productions of imminent appearance. It is divided into an online pitch session and a face-to-face session.

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Industry Room – Catalan Films

Asombrosa Elisa – Sadrac Gonzalez-Perelló

Elisa is a twelve-year-old girl who, after the murder of her mother, believes she has the same superpowers as the heroine in her favorite comic book. We would all like to have superpowers to get what we want. So when Elisa knows who killed her mother, she will try to convince her father that they can take revenge on the murderer.

  • Director: Sadrac González – Perellón
  • Cast: Silvia Abascal, Asier Etxeandia, Iván Massagué
  • Genre: Fantastic Drama
  • Country: Spain
  • Producers: Diego Rodriguez & Ferran Tomàs
  • Production Company: La Charito Films
  • Status: Post-production
  • Looking for: buyers

Harpswell – Alejo e Ignacio Victor Garcerón

Alejo is about to return to his home country Argentina when an invasion of robots prevents him from leaving the area where he is, leaving him completely isolated for months until he decides to escape and face his enemies.

  • Directors: Alejo Garcerón and Ignacio Garcerón
  • Cast: Alejo Garcerón
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror and Science-Fiction
  • Country: Argentina
  • Producers: Ignacio Garcerón and Alejo Garcerón
  • Production Company: Garza Studios
  • Status: Post-production
  • Looking for: distribution, international sales agents and financial partners to end the post-production 

La forma del bosque – Gonzalo Mellid

Silvia and Andrés are young siblings who live in a remote cabin with their grandfather. Alone in the woods, the kids accidentally unleash a dark spirit which pursues them through the night. Only by surviving until morning can they hope to banish the malevolent apparition.

  • Director: Gonzalo Mellid
  • Cast: Magui Bravi, Chucho Fernandez, Ezequiel Pache, Nicolás del Río, Paz Arias Landa
  • Genre: Terror
  • Country: Argentina
  • Producer: Nicolás Onetti
  • Production Companies: OnePlay LLC, 3C Films Group, Black Mandala
  • Status: Post-production
  • Looking for: international distribution

La Granja – Alberto Serra

Two sisters will have to fight to survive after arriving at the farm of their grandmother, an elderly woman plunged into a curse that has consumed her for years.

  • Director: Alberto Serra
  • Cast: Ana Grethel Solis, Isabella Sierra, Stella Lauri, Freddy D’elia and Nick Romano
  • Genre: Horror
  • Country: Panama
  • Producer: Frysha Tedman
  • Status: Post-production
  • Looking for:  sales agents and distribution 

Luarada – Oscar Doviso

Manuel Blanco Romasanta, known by many nicknames such as “Werewolf”, “Sacamantecas”, “Man of the grease” and even “Bogeyman”, was born and lived in Galicia in the 19th century. He’s said to be the greatest serial killer in the documented history of Spain. The true story of a man who was raised as a girl due to suffering from hermaphroditism, forced to change gender, and misunderstood by a society that relegated him to being a ruthless murderer.

  • Director: Óscar Doviso
  • Cast: Marcos Vázquez, Helen Bertels, Héctor Martínez, José Manuel Mao, Patxi Bisquert, Candela López, Lucía Rodríguez
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller
  • Country: Spain
  • Producer: Óscar Doviso
  • Production company: ZinemusiK Producciones
  • Status: First phase of the shooting completed (35 minutes of the film)
  • Looking for: Investment, funding, co-production, sales agents, distribution

Luz Mala – Juan Manuel Rodríguez Schmidt

An isolated house in the countryside. Two opposing factions must join forces to survive a terrifying legendary being: The Evil Light.

  • Director: Juan Schmidt
  • Cast: Diego Alonso, Juan Luppi, Martina Krasinsky, Elvira Oneto, Cleo Díaz
  • Genre: Horror
  • Country: Argentina
  • Producer: Fernando Díaz
  • Production Company: Machaco Films
  • Status: Post Production
  • Looking for: post production, sales agents and festivals 

Muertas Vivas – Sandra Arriagada

The gritty world of advertising demands two things from the models: to stay slim and eternal, what problem would there be if that is achieved through a contagious zombie virus? DEAD WOMEN WALKING is a splatter black comedy that tells the story of Macarena, Vania and Xiomara, three models who, recording a commercial locked in a studio, while a zombie apocalypse has been unleashed in the world, will discover how fascinating it is, after a life of enduring being seen by men as a piece of meat … begin to look at them as the appetizing menu of the day.

  • Director: Sandra Arriagada
  • Cast: Clara Kovacic, Jesús Vidaurre, Benjamín Castillo, Yashira Somoza, Belén Mora, Koke Santa Ana, Scarlett Otárola, Anna Silva, Camila Recabarren
  • Genre: Horror Comedy / Zom Com
  • Country: Chile
  • Producer: Lucio Rojas
  • Production Company: FEMTASTICA FILMS
  • Status: VFX Post-production
  • Looking for: Distribution and festivals

Operación Walt – Juan Mata, Carolina Rubiales

In January 2021, a film by the disappeared director Alan Smethee was found in the desert of Almería. In an impressive work of research covering the last 80 years of Spanish history and with the collaboration of relevant personalities from the country’s politics and culture, the director speculates on the hypothesis that an international conspiracy at the highest level was responsible for bringing democracy to Spain with the disturbing and possible collaboration of beings from other worlds.

  • Directors: Juan Mata and Carolina Rubiales
  • Cast: José María García, Javier Sierra, Alfonso Guerra and more
  • Genre: Mockumentary
  • Country: Spain
  • Producer: Alejandro Cano
  • Production Company: SALA46 FILMS 
  • Status: In development 
  • Looking for: funding and pre-sales

Side Project – Federico Finkielstain

“Side Project” kicks off when three young programmers come across an abandoned technology meant to detect supernatural presence.They reverse engineer the tech and create an app for their phones which allows them to see ghosts, crossing ethical lines and endangering their own lives.

  • Director: Federico Finkielstain
  • Cast: Juan Rolla Knight, Laura Casale, Zhongbo Li
  • Genre: Paranormal Horror
  • Country: USA – Argentina
  • Producers: Magali Nieva – Nicolas Finkielstain
  • Production Company: Puppeteer Productions
  • Status: Post-produccion (first editing ended)
  • Looking for: sales agent

Torretta & Sebastian. United Mafia – Álvaro Iglesias

Beginning of the 80’s. The judge Rodríguez has 48 hours to discover who is the great capo of the Cosa Nostra. Her two main suspects are under arrest in her offices: Sebastian and Torretta.

Torretta is a young Sicilian. He starts dealing and smuggling with different gangsters, and emigrates to New York after his first problems with the police. He starts climbing the mafia ladder. At the same time, a young Majorcan, Sebastian, is known on the island as the biggest smuggler. He moves to Cuba to escape from problems with justice.

Already as an important member of the organisation, Torretta moves to Cuba for the most important meeting that the gangsters hold at the end of the 40s. There he meets Sebastian and they both join forces. Thanks to Sebastian’s nazi contacts on his island of origin they begin to import to Cuba surplus morphine for the wounded of the Second World War. From morphine, into heroine, Torretta and Sebastian begin trafficking in the United States.

After a dizzying time in Cuba, these experiences will turn them into two of the most powerful bosses in the organization. Apparently, only one of the two will become the great Capo of the Cosa Nostra while the other one will not hesitate to betray him.

  • Director: Álvaro Iglesias Rodríguez
  • Cast: (TENTATIVE) Matt Dillon, Javier Cámara, Linda Hunt, Caroline Vreland
  • Genre: Thriller, Mafia, Black Comedy, Fastastic Dystopia 
  • Country: Spain
  • Producters: Enrique Vidal, Rosa Bosch and Ángela Bosch 
  • Production Company: Solworks Films
  • Status: In development
  • Looking for: funding, co-production, distribution
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