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Coming Soon is a section for the presentation of horror, science fiction or fantasy films. An event focused both on projects in the last stages of development, and finished films in search of support (financing, distribution, promotion, etc.). Coming Soon is a selection of the upcoming Catalan, Spanish and Latin American productions of imminent appearance. In this session, a live pitch will be made for each project, and the trailers will be presented.


Sunday, October 8th, 2023 / 18:00 – 19:00

Industry Room – Catalan Films (Sala Garbí 2, Hotel Meliá Sitges)

Introduced by

Mònica Garcia Massagué: General Manager of SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.

Cold Light (Luna)
George Karja

Poster Cold Light (Luna)

A mysterious woman arrives in the city of Madrid and enters a dark world of the night. Under the nickname Luna, she gets closer and closer to a criminal organization that attracts young girls who are forced into prostitution. What begins as a personal vendetta turns into something much bigger than even the protagonist herself can imagine.

Director: George Karja

Producer: La Kátana Films

Shit Happens And Miracles Too
Máncel Martínez Ramos & Cristhian Pinto

The inhabitants of Fury Town are transforming into monsters. ABEL has an affair with ROBBY (an angel who wants to be a human), but she loves EDDY (a monsters hunter). ABEL does not accept loneliness and looks for answers: Bang! Bang! ABEL dies. Cupido, a fallen ANGEL devours his heart and ABEL transforms into a zombie. ROBBY jelous, sets Cupido on fire; her burning feathers rain down the city. EDDY tries to keep the rotten walkers at bay. In Fury Town the apocalypse begins.

Director: Máncel Martínez Ramos

Producer: Umyk Studios

The Kirlian Frequency - The Movie
Cristian Ponce

It is the last night of April 1987 and for some time now the small town of Ingeniero Kirlian has been tormented by an enigmatic radio program. “The Kirlian Frequency” reports dark stories and its enigmatic announcer seems to know too much about these events. Some even believe that he himself is the one who originates them.

During this broadcast, the program welcomes four guests, each one with a terrifying story to tell. Seemingly unconnected, these stories are linked by a shameful crime that occurred in the past. This last night, the Announcer will be in charge of being the judge of this crime, while at the same time he will have to face an unexpected intruder who seeks to obtain Kirlian’s paranormal secret for his own benefit.

Director: Cristian Ponce

Producer: Tangram Cine, Flixxo, DecimuLabs

Cyborg Generation
Miguel Morillo

A young eighteen-year-old musician decides to design a cybernetic organ and implant it illegally, thus acquiring a new sense that allows him to perceive sounds of space from the earth.

Director: Miguel Morillo Vega

Producer: The Movement

Pensamiento Lateral
Mariano Huetter

Julia (45) is a psychologist who cares for her patients and teaches at the university. One night, upon leaving school, she is suddenly kidnapped in an act of extreme violence and taken to an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city. The kidnappers are convinced that she has vital information to commit a crime, something Julia strongly denies. After several days of torture, Julia begins treating the kidnappers as patients for analysis. Behind this kidnapping, secrets are discovered that Julia does not know and that will lead her to connect with her wild side.

Director: Mariano Huetter

Producer: Roberta Sánchez

Daniel M. Caneiro

Javier, a 45-year-old man, married and with a monotonous life, finds himself tempted by a friend to try DEVIANT, a dating application. There he meets Mónica, a young girl, who seduces him with spicy messages and daring photographs. When Mónica invites him to spend a romantic night together, Javier accepts by going to his house and falling into the trap of Oscar, a sociopath who seeks to avenge the abuse his daughter suffered years ago. Trapped and helpless, Javier must find a way to escape from Oscar’s basement before he becomes the victim of a father eager for revenge.

Director: Daniel M. Caneiro

Producer: Amania Films, Antumbra, Escac Films

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