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Taboo’ks is an initiative of the SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia that wants to bring literature and fantasy films closer together, focusing on literary adaptations for fantasy production films.

A dream from paper to screen

Activity description

The jump to the vignettes of the original comic by Sara Varon to the moving image, by the hand of an acclaimed filmmaker such as Pablo Berger, a first-timer in the field of animation, raise the interest of a project like Robot Dreams, a sister film on a spiritual level of the multi-awarded Blancanieves, by the same director. The conversation about the work process with its maximum responsible, a creator of undoubted personality, Sara Varon, the same author of the comic and it’s art director, Jose Luís Ágreda, of recognized trajectory in the world of comics, points out the cross-fertilization and offers an incredible world of possibilities.


Monday, October 9th, 2023 / 18:00 – 19:30h


Industry Room – Catalan Films (Sala Garbí 2, Hotel Meliá Sitges)


  • Jose Luis Ágreda: artistic director.
  • Pablo Berger: film director.
  • Sara Varon: comic illustrator.

Introduced by

Jordi Sánchez Navarro, Associate Professor at the UOC, currently director of Information and Communication Sciences Studies and coordinator of the Learning, Media and Entertainment Research Group (GAME)


Borja Crespo: journalist and critic.

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